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Generic abstract art portrait

80 by 122 cm - oils and acrylics on wood

Generic abstract art portrait
This abstract painting was made after a three by four cm photo in a magazine. At the time the artist was still exploring the compositional possibilities of abstract art without really giving much thought to the subject-matter. Hence photos in magazines were taken as "models" which often required considerable upscaling, in this case from about three by four cm to eighty by one hundred and twenty cm. Today the artist is trying to incorporate an element of social realism into his paintings, which are still largely abstract. This has resulted in a rather abrupt change of subject matter: from fashion models to homeless people, prostitutes, confrontations between police and protestors etc.
The woman depicted by "Generic abstract art portrait", however, was a fashion model with a photo taken slightly from below, resulting in an interesting perspective. One of the most important aspects of abstract paintings with an element of figuration is the quality of the drawing. It's characteristic of abstract art that such a drawing should not be exact, but lay a foundation for the expressive intentions of the artist. Warned by the way the artist slightly overworked his Abstract Art Polynesian Portrait, care was taken not to repeat this mistake in order to retain the drawing's full expressive quality.
Many painters are fascinated by the color yellow (Van Gogh, for instance), likewise this artist is always looking for a chance to apply yellow oil paint, if possible in combination with black, resulting in a local color imbalance that is quasi self-contained.

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This replica, made after "Generic abstract art portrait", was done by Clarissa Fairchild, (then) freshman in graphic design at the University of Indianapolis.

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