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Rights & permissions

The copyright of the art Marten Jansen is protected by These are organizations that actively monitor the use of it's members work in the media, internet and elsewhere, and will take legal action when necessary. They are transnational, because internationally they are represented by sister-organizations across the world.
However, for non-commercial purposes I'm flexible about the use of my work, but in all individual cases you will need my explicit, case-related permission if you want to use my work.
Commercial use of my work is possible too, but against a fee, which is standard, and set by the above-mentioned organizations.

»   Even if I've given you permission, the use of my work for commercial purposes is never free, in which case you will need permission from my copyright agency. In other words: for commercial use of my art, my permission alone is not enough. You will need to get my copyright agency to send you written permission.

If you apply for commercial use, then after payment, the above-mentioned organizations will send you documents that will give you the legal right to use my work (as mentioned in the documents).

» Paintings

» Commercial use of the images of the paintings, prints, images and photographs by Marten Jansen can be requested as follows:
  • Please email Marten Jansen to ask for permission. Please be clear about which artwork you want to use, how you will use it and whether or not it's for commercial purposes.
The copyright to the artworks of Marten Jansen is co-owned by copyright organization Pictoright. Please print and fill out the above-mentioned form and mail it to:
  • Pictoright
    PO Box 15887
    1001 NJ Amsterdam
    The Netherlands
Or fax to:
  • +31 20 412 4269
  • Telephone (Pictoright):
  • +31 20 589 18 40
  • Email:
  • info@pictoright.nl

  • By sending the form, you're asking Pictoright for legal permission.

    If/when copyright is granted, you will receive an invoice (fees are standard) and Pictoright will send you written permission by mail.

    Many thanks in advance,

    Marten Jansen.

    When images are free for use

      » You are free to use images of the paintings of Marten Jansen for non-commercial use.


    • Screensavers
    • Desktop backgrounds
    • To adorn your non-commercial webpage or blog. If your website has advertisements, then your website is commercial. If you use my images on your non-commercial website or blog, then a text link to http://paintings.name is required.

    • In case of screensavers, desktop backgrounds or similar non-commercial applications, you may use the image only for your personal use. Whether commercial or non-commercial, you may not pass the application on to other people, neither by putting it on offer on your website or blog, nor in any other way.

    • Artists may create their own interpretation of my art, but not an exact copy, for non-commercial use. If you intend to sell the artwork, then permission has to be requested, as mentioned above.

    » Music

    The copyright to Marten Jansen's music is protected by Buma/Stemra. If you want to make commercial use of my music, then email me.
    Do don't need to ask permission if:
    • you just want to listen to my music at home or on your iPod/MP3-player.
    • a DJ wants to play my music live or on radio, but he/she may not make copies of my music (including, but not restricted to, burning my music onto CD) and pass it on to other people.
    These are just examples, if you're in doubt, please contact me.

    You may not make samples of my music without my permission.

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