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Favorite Quotes

What is Art? quotes

Ruspoli on a philisophical approach to the historical development of art:

    ...A similar attitude inflicted modern painting, and the demolition of conventions became a goal in itself.
    As I mentioned, the "art works" on the top floor [of the Guggenheim museum] consisted in piles of rock, tile floors, dirt, and the like. However, I realized that there was yet another way of seeing this progression that may be equally valid, and not quite so pessimistic.
    Actually, my own hope is that a less qualified acceptance of the importance of sheerly abstract or formal factors in pictorial art will open the way to a clearer understanding of the value of illustration as such..."
    > Webmaster's note:

      The third part of this quote represents an entirely valid approach to art from a philosophical viewpoint. For me as an artist the question is whether philosophy actually influences the development of art, or if it merely reflects the artistic spirit of the times in it's opening stages. This author believes that in the long run, the generally preceived value of art is determined entirely by intuitive considerations. Therefore, 200 years from now, the pile of dirt on the top floor of the Guggenheim will be perceived as....a pile of dirt. Unless, of course, a nuclear conflict will reduce the Guggenheim to a pile of dirt, or just the top floor.
      My beef with the top floor is the way in which it devalues human experience and as such this author thinks it is the perfect manifestation of Stalinistic thought.
Mariana Miranda:

......on saudade:

    I want to feel everything in every possible way. Why paint a painting with only one colour? By avoiding sadness at all costs, she said, we diminish ourselves.

Various quotes

K.L. Marsala:

    Don't Plastic Wrap My Lotus.
Dwight Eisenhower:

    If you want total security, go to prison.

    Freedom is power.
Arjen van Veelen:

......on Star Wars:

    The morale: There is good and there is evil. Evil is more powerful, but luckily its shooting is off during chase scenes.

Favorite search terms

Piet Mondrian:

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    mondrian why did he do it.
Marten Jansen:

    when did marten jansen died

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