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o December 28th 2007
    In case you didn't know it, The Aliens Are Us. That means you and me. Whether you're a work accident of natural selection or created in God's image, get in touch with your inner alien!
o December 15th 2007 o November 27th 2007
    You could say that I'm on a roll: After several years of somewhat hesitant creative vigor, 2007 has become a productive year. I was able to adequately finish several of my "social realism" series, started in 2003, the newest addition being called Time and I completed a number of female portraits, such as Robots in this year. Why the painting is named as such, I can't tell you without people making weird assumptions on the artist's persona.
    I also updated the overview of my work at http://paintings.name/paintings.php, which now reflects something of a chronology. Not all my paintings are shown there, but most of the more relevant ones.
o October 15th 2007
    Favorite art quotes: quotes with philosophical value, or quotes that are just plain funny.
    In this site's famous paintings section, I tackle the problem: What makes a painting famous?
o August 12th 2007
    Did you know Picasso had a Black Period? Well, he did. It lasted only two years, but it says a lot about the man and the artist. This period was black in two ways: Picasso Black Period.
o Februari 9th 2007 o Februari 3rd 2007
    As a webmaster, there's nothing I enjoy more than writing about Picasso, I don't know what it is. The affinity I have with his work shows clearly in my own work, but I'm a big fan of Van Gogh too, but can't seem to finish his biography, which I started eight months ago. Maybe the difference is that Picasso is quite well understood by art historians, while in Van Gogh's case I sometimes feel like having to invent the wheel. Another difference may be that Picasso's work is conveniently segmented into periods, so his biography doesn't have to be written in one go. Each period is important enough to merit a separate page.
    To cut things short, I have added a rose period section, as well as a section about the first twenty years of Picasso's life and work. Paintings.name's Picasso section now spans the first 34 years of his life.

    Lovers of Rembrandt may be interested in a page I wrote about his 1664 version of Lucretia. This is one the best paintings ever made, but not all is what it seems. Or is it?

    In October 2006 I assumed webmastership of www.artnatam.com, which is about Native American art. ArtNatAm has been around since 1995, created by John Kostura from Oklahoma City. I have redesigned the site, but I've taken John's advice on Native American matters, on many occasions. It's a fascinating and mind-boggling subject, for the clash between cultures it represents and how it puts into question the classical western perception of civilization. On ArtNatAm the focus is on art, not on the social/anthropological angle.

o September 24th 2006
    After a long summer, I have finally sprung into action once again, resulting in a page about Norwegian paintress Hanne Clausen. This is not abstract art and therefore I have added the page to a site that is dedicated to figurative art: www.art.gg. I intend to use this What's New page to alert the interested reader to my scribblings, whether they be on http://paintings.name, or on another site.
    The art of Hanne Clausen is well-worth your attention, for it's own merits and also for what it can teach us about the work of Edvard Munch.
o May 15th 2006
    Now in 2006 I'm learning to put my 1998-2000 paintings into perspective. The catalyst was a reproduction project of my painting "Introspection". All this and a little more at abstract-art-introspective.php.

o May 14th 2006
    I have added to Paintings.name a subdomain dedicated to Amedeo Modigliani, one of the most important artists of the 20th century. The page will contain a biography, as well as a discussion of his work and his place in, and influence on, modern art. Instead of publishing the page when it's ready, I find it more motivating to publish a provisional version and then regularly expand and update it. Right now it rather abruptly ends with some words on The School of Paris and the biography isn't complete yet, but that's just the way I prefer to work. Some people may want to wait with reading it until the page is ready and when it is, I will let you know right here.

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